About Us

Our stone is different from the others, not only precious but also valuable than the value in terms of:


 2. Aesthetic (suitable with fashions)

 3.Self esteem

 4.Personality (increase personality)

 5.Supernatural element

As colorful as a rainbow and sparkling as fine leaded crystal, gemstones have captured the imagination and desires of men and women for ages. Pursuing the subject of gems has transformed from Legends, tales, epics, and major motion pictures (“Romancing the Stone”, for one). Today, more delicate specimens gem available to the average person Than any time in history. Believe it or not some stones even have an influence, directly or indirectly to their owners, many cases also have occurred for stones owners, who are usually quite phenomenal

The average stone is formed from a strange natural phenomenon and also of legend and myth that has evolved over hundreds of years, from various places which are known to have a mystical aura, a phenomenal natural and fantastic legends, maybe there is another call from the name we give, maybe the rock has a name international standard, but we remind you again, that our stone is not a standard stone, but stones are phenomenal and special, ancient, only people who have high taste, understand art, appreciate and love nature and the phenomenon is Able to buy and appreciate our rock, We Are The pioneer and the creator of a new genre, a new wave of stones

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